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A Perfect Fit

I have officially found my new favorite sport. Yes, Dragonboating fever has taken over! Last weekend our team had our first race to seal the spot as my new top sport. After months of training we were finally able to see how we compared to some other local teams. It all came down to all day on the beach, and 3 races taking just over 2 minutes each.

We competed in the Deep Water Bay race, which is a 500m race, almost twice as long as our main race that we are still training for in June.

Right before our final race of the day, a massive thunderstorm decided to roll in. The team was loose and in good spirits as we danced our way through the staging area for the race. As soon as we loaded in the boat, the storm lifted and we had a clear weather for our last race of the day. After the earlier two races yielded less than desirable results, our team was able to pull together to nose our way to coming in first in our heat.  It felt awesome to feel our entire boat working together as a well oiled machine. As soon as we were back on the beach, the eye of the storm passed and water once again began to pour down from the heavens. Already soaked to the bone from the race, there was no point in trying to get dry. The post race celebration included swimming in the ocean, building rivers for the drainage water to divert it away from our tent, photo taking, and captain dunking. Eventually the rain lifted, leaving the beach fresh and clear. Our day ended with Thai food watching the sunset over the bay. Not bad I say!

At the end of the day I was totally spent, but entertained as the highlights of the day replayed multiple times in my head. Just a quick re-cap as to why this is the perfect sport for me:

  • -All day on the beach!
  • -Music
  • -Community
  • -Volleyball
  • -Dancing
  • -Scrabble
  • -Napping
  • -Swimming
  • -Sun (and some rain!)
  • -Oh yeah, and occasionally a fiercely competitive race that gets your adrenaline pumping and leaves you utterly exhausted.

One more race coming up this Saturday and then the Grand-Daddy of them all in late June. Can’t wait!

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One thing that you cannot miss in Beijing is the history. This ancient town is teaming with remnants from fallen dynasties that controlled the city at various times.

We stayed in a cozy hostel that was tucked away in the back alleys near the Forbidden City. The middle of Beijing is surprisingly full of neighborhoods will 1 or 2 story buildings. Skyscrapers find their home in another part of town that we had no desire to visit. We were content exploring around locals that call these alleyways home.

To celebrate our time, I decided to make a movie/slide show for my dad. Check it out!



This post is dedicated to good friends from OSU now living in Bend. Keith and Melissa own several self-serve yogurt shops in Central Oregon. My tastebuds were treated to a chilled creation on a hot July day the summer before I came to China.

Before leaving their shop, I picked up some sweet shades to help spread their empire to the far reaches of Asia. They held up like champs protecting my eyes from harmful rays, and keeping me stylishly cool.

This one is for you! Can you name these three famous locations around Beijing???

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Two Mr. Glogau’s!

I sent my dad off with coins in his pocket for the bus, and money for a taxi this morning after his two week visit. We had a blast going everywhere from HK to Beijing!

One special thing about this trip, was that he was also able to spend some time in my classroom. Lets just say the kids were more than a little excited to have two teachers. Wow, what a ratio!

Before my dad arrived, my students were working hard on making their own poems, memorizing poems, and singing poems. Dad was able to come along and offer some finishing touches on the poems.  Along with 2nd grade, we put together quite the show, with Mr. Glogau (Sr.) topping it off with a performance of several of his famous songs. We invited parents and “packed the house!”

His appearance in the class was a welcomed change, and his presence will be missed! Thanks dad for all your help!

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