Yes, this is a post about REAL surfing, not just the internet.

Most people would not consider H.K. a major surfing destination, as well they shouldn’t. However, there are plenty of fun waves for local to play around on!

Last season (October-March) I logged in about 15 days at Big Wave Bay. Now, they name sounds a bit intimidating, but there were only several days where the waves were over 4 ft. For the most part, this is a nice protected bay, sandy bottom with short, closeout waves.

There are 2 rental shops near the beach. I got to know one of the families that runs the place pretty well. They run a great business. Board, and wetsuit rentals, and delicious milk tea and hot food for post-surfing!

They also have storage lockers for people to keep their boards there year around. T’his was an option for me, until I learned that it costs about $200 for 1 year to rent a locker! I am fine for now renting, and choosing a good board for the day for $6 thank you very much.

This spot is about 40 minutes from my house, but my church is conveniently located right in the middle. Surfing after church was the norm when the waves were good!

I took several groups of people out for their first time surfing! It was awesome seeing them catch their first wave. Here are some photos that Gary and Marg took. They will be leaving H.K. after 15 years. It has been awesome having them as part of my life this year. Gary- you totally impressed me, and Marg, you are a great beach bunny/photographer!

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