For two quick nights and 1 full day, I was visited by my good friend Chad and his buddy. They were traveling around S.E. Asia, and when he saw that H.K. was the connecting point, he worked his flight plan around to have a couple of days at the end of their trip in H. K. I was totally fine being an afterthought, I’ll take it!

Luckily, I am now all settled in my new flat (2 bdrm. vs. my old studio). Lets just say, it is a HUGE upgrade. The previous tenants left bunk beds in the spare bedroom, so I had 2 short beds for my visitors. Sorry Chad, but a 6’3″ guy is always going to have a challenge finding a big enough bed in Asia.

Here are some of the things that we did in our “jam-packed, whirlwind tour of H.K.”

  • Birthday dinner with my Dragonboat friends
  • 1/2 day in my classroom (The kids learned a new cheer, see video)
  • Lunch in “old Hong Kong”
  • Shopping streets/ antiques in Central
  • Man Mo Temple
  • Ding Ding Ride
  • Wandering around Happy Valley Racecourse (Where I do land training)
  • Tram to The Peak for city views from above.
  • Star Ferry to Avenue of the Stars
  • Cityscape lightshow
  • Temple Street night market
  • Street food
  • Zzzzzz

I showed them a bus for the next morning, and they were off, back to America after 3 weeks on the road. That was the “Best” part. Here is the “Well, almost.”

After they left, I felt like a part of me had gone back with them to the states. Chad and I have so many shared experiences from Oregon, that even though we haven’t been super close these last few months, it was so easy to pick up in our friendship right where it ended. These guys reminded me so much of home, and it was awesome seeing H. K. through their eyes (Which were my eyes 2 years ago).

So, with friends gone, and 2 straight weeks of rain and wind, I was feeling…. yes… I will say it…. homesick. Honestly it was the most homesick I have felt in living abroad for almost 2 years. Part of me was glad to feel that, it let me know that I have strong feelings for my “homeland.” Throughout the week it got better, as I reminded myself of all the things I am involved in here in H.K. which help assured that I am where God has me for now.

Saturday morning, the sun is out, Skype with friends and family, sheets hanging to dry… I think it is time for a cruise on the moped. Where to explore today?