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rain-umbrellaThats right, I woke up this morning to the unexpected buzzing of my cell phone. Chatter from other teachers, filled with giddy excitement about a “Black Rain” warning that had been issued at 6:00. According to school policy, any time the local observatory hoists a black rain signal, all schools must be cancelled for the day. You can imagine my reaction as an “Oregon-grown Boy.” A day off of school because of rain??? Crazy!

Apparently there was thunder and lightning all through the night, which I was lucky enough to sleep through. Looking out my window, it was pretty impressive to see sheets of rain pounding relentlessly against the ground. At 10 the warning was lowered to amber, which meant that teachers were required to be at school from 1:00. Much more relaxing than 7:30! I think I could get used to this!

My excitement level was not quite the same as a snow day back home, but I did have the urge to jump in a few puddles on the way to the subway station.

Similar to the feeling of watching the snow melt, I can see clear(ish) skies on the horizon rolling in over the water. Tomorrow, I might just have kids to teach!


Summer Plans- Help Wanted!

Good news, and bad news. This summer, I will not be heading back to beautiful Oregon. (That is the very bad news) The good news is that I will be traveling in Europe, visiting friends with my good friend from OSU, Kat.

Most of the destinations have been determined by friends that I know living there. Others like Prague, and Budapest, are potentially awesome cities that can be made on the way. Here is a ROUGH idea of a plan, along with a map for reference.

Here is what I would like from you: The information that I cannot find on the internet such as: “You gotta try the local ______” or, “That road is way too busy, try this one” or “Don’t be in ____ during _____. or any other helpful hints you might have! Thanks in advance, getting super stoked for this adventure ahead!

July 2 Cam arrives in Belgium- Stays with friends in Amsterdam/Rotterdam (3-4 day bike trip?)

July 10–  Fly to meet up with Kat in Derry (Northern Ireland)
July 17  Head to London for several nights  (ferry +bus?) (Stay with Kat’s friends)
July 20– To Frankfurt (Kat’s friend) Via _________??? (Maybe something on the way?) Fly?
July 23  Start driving trip. Prague?, Vienna?, Munich?, Concentration camps? Budapest? To Slovenia.
August 1– Slovenia with Shauna

August 6– Croatia (Dora, and explore beaches/ islands)

August 12– Fly to Brussels,

August 13– Cam flies back to HK.

Europe Map

Well, maybe the title is a little misleading. With about 400 sq. miles, a trip from the far outreaching corners of H.K. only takes several hours.

One of my favorite things to do is look at Google Maps and find an area that looks cool, or way out of the beaten path. I sometimes will map it out, but it is more fun for me to see it with my own eyes. I had the idea to explore the border area towards the East. I had no idea what was out there, so with an adventurous friend, an open afternoon, and a moped with a full tank of gas, we headed out to seek our adventure.

The first stop was a waterfall, tucked 1km in from a small village. The main trail was well established, but we discovered an “Adventure Trail” That lead to the top of a waterfall called Mirror Pond. It was an incredible natural formation of a pool right at the top of  a 50 ft. waterfall. We didn’t climb down for a dip, but thinking about how to do it next time!

We passed fishermen, white cranes chilling on an island, herb harvesters, and lots of bikers.

After traversing through the hills, we popped out into a small village on the border of China. There was actually a border crossing there! Neither of us had any idea! There is also a special part of HK that is connected to China, but you need a special permit to enter this zone. Pictures by the fence was as close as we got that day.

A top at a local restaurant near the coast for a local lunch was our last stop before heading home.

Seeing the border, and noticing distinct difference between the two countries made me  think about how things will change with there is a “complete” handover of HK to China. Each has developed so independently of the the other, that the differences are outstanding. Maybe it is difficult to understand what that means unless you have been here. With that said, let me know if you are interested in experiencing it first hand! I have lots of extra room!