Good news, and bad news. This summer, I will not be heading back to beautiful Oregon. (That is the very bad news) The good news is that I will be traveling in Europe, visiting friends with my good friend from OSU, Kat.

Most of the destinations have been determined by friends that I know living there. Others like Prague, and Budapest, are potentially awesome cities that can be made on the way. Here is a ROUGH idea of a plan, along with a map for reference.

Here is what I would like from you: The information that I cannot find on the internet such as: “You gotta try the local ______” or, “That road is way too busy, try this one” or “Don’t be in ____ during _____. or any other helpful hints you might have! Thanks in advance, getting super stoked for this adventure ahead!

July 2 Cam arrives in Belgium- Stays with friends in Amsterdam/Rotterdam (3-4 day bike trip?)

July 10–  Fly to meet up with Kat in Derry (Northern Ireland)
July 17  Head to London for several nights  (ferry +bus?) (Stay with Kat’s friends)
July 20– To Frankfurt (Kat’s friend) Via _________??? (Maybe something on the way?) Fly?
July 23  Start driving trip. Prague?, Vienna?, Munich?, Concentration camps? Budapest? To Slovenia.
August 1– Slovenia with Shauna

August 6– Croatia (Dora, and explore beaches/ islands)

August 12– Fly to Brussels,

August 13– Cam flies back to HK.

Europe Map