rain-umbrellaThats right, I woke up this morning to the unexpected buzzing of my cell phone. Chatter from other teachers, filled with giddy excitement about a “Black Rain” warning that had been issued at 6:00. According to school policy, any time the local observatory hoists a black rain signal, all schools must be cancelled for the day. You can imagine my reaction as an “Oregon-grown Boy.” A day off of school because of rain??? Crazy!

Apparently there was thunder and lightning all through the night, which I was lucky enough to sleep through. Looking out my window, it was pretty impressive to see sheets of rain pounding relentlessly against the ground. At 10 the warning was lowered to amber, which meant that teachers were required to be at school from 1:00. Much more relaxing than 7:30! I think I could get used to this!

My excitement level was not quite the same as a snow day back home, but I did have the urge to jump in a few puddles on the way to the subway station.

Similar to the feeling of watching the snow melt, I can see clear(ish) skies on the horizon rolling in over the water. Tomorrow, I might just have kids to teach!